Thursday, August 15, 2013


There were two major landfalls of Tropical Cyclones in the Indian Ocean early in 2014, one at Madagascar and the other at Queensland, Australia. Of course these immediately triggered huge alerts for a major earthquake and I wrote one now great Twitter message for the next major “MegaThruster/Tsunami” Event on the morning of April 1, 2014 and my phone rang loudly as I arrived at work at around 6:45pm that very evening with an 8.2 Richters Earthquake at Iquique, Chile. Of course it just so happened to have said to watch Chile in that days EQ Blog due to there having been some shakers in recent days at Chile and that resulted in at least one person pointing out that I had “Predicted” the Chile Earthquake which I suppose you could sort of say I kind of did, you know!

What I did do that I decided I should add to this volume in the form of this here Epilogue is accurately guess that the Pacific Tectonic Plate must be moving northward against the North American Tectonic Plate and exactly as we know it to be moving. Or as I said at least once along the way “Now Famous Movement” referring to the now widely known fact that the Pacific moves north along the North American Tectonic Plate.

So after the 8.2 Chile Earthquake, and a 6.1 and 6.6 at Nicaragua, came a 7.5 Richters Earthquake near Mexico City and I knew it was time to start watching around California.

That was when I realized this movement might not be as much trouble for California itself as it could be when it gets to the Triple Plate Junction up around Northern California. Along with all that I felt it then necessary to include Vancouver Island due to them being situated just north of the TPJ and jutting out into the Pacific somewhat. Well, Vancouver Island got a 6.6 Richters Earthquake like 8 days after Mexico and I was not only credited with accurately guessing that one, BUT at that point I also knew Anchorage and Alaska would be next in line for Major Shaking!

At this stage of the game I felt another “Amendment” of the two Official Predictions I had already filed as a result of those two Tropical Cyclones would be too much and that was when I decided a brand new totally independent and on its own Official Prediction solely for Anchorage and Alaska might be better so I quickly wrote and filed it with NEPEC. Of course it wouldn’t be too long before a 5.5 and then another and then one or two 4.7’s would strike up there with one causing 250 felt reports from Anchorage alone!

In other news Season Two of Chicago Fire has finished shooting in Chicago and I actually now have some summer months off from Film Production. I did have one more great appearance on that show at some point in Season Two, though, not to mention a close call with one of the big stars of that show! This appearance would be in a court house lobby scene where the director told me to walk across the middle of the lobby there, and on the second take the fire department would be walking through and I was supposed to turn and act surprised. It’s no coincidence that I WAS surprised when basically all of the now famous Firefighters and Paramedics from that show came a charging through the courthouse with all of their equipment and all. The highlight of that scene in the entrance to the courthouse was that they all recognized me, smiled, and said hello, or looked at me and smiled anyways.

Not exactly off work as I write this Epilogue, either, since the first of January 2014 I started a new job at the same radio station where I did my 2013 EQ Radio Show and will also be doing an Encore Presentation or my 2014 EQ Radio Show as I’m calling it.

New job is once a week in their Promotions Department or “Promos” as we call it. Some of my best Promos which at this point I now write, record, and produce, include one for Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins a few weeks ago and one for Sean Lennon this week. Sean will be playing one of the Madison venues and when I coined the phrase “Keeping you informed on Dr. Winston O’Boogie” it was changed to Winston O’Boogie, Jr., but I guess it still sounds ok. Meanwhile, I am busily preparing all the material for my next “EQ Radio Show”! Selecting songs, and thinking about pre-recording a few of the scenes to make the project a little easier! I will be On-The-Air on July 7, 2014 for my “2014 EQ Radio Show”!!!

There was a short episode where the Chicago Screen Actors Guild office had an opening for a Wisconsin Representative and they sent my name to “National” but I never heard no more from them even though I was looking forward to being on the Screen Actors Guild Board once again, having been on their Nominating Committee once back in the 1990’s. I guess there’s still hope since the lady did say it would take some time! Therefore, I will continue to wait for what they decide and hope I get the job!

Finally, I want to Thank Everybody for reading because I had 376 views on this very book at my website where you can go to read it anytime at or I recently obtained a brand new “Short-Cut” to the book also that you can simply type in the name of the book: Bringing Earthquakes To Life at the “Tiny URL” address and go there instantly:

I also recently sent it out to publishers and am anxiously waiting to hear back from like three of them yet as of this writing.

So you are now up to date as of May 15, 2014 on basically everything there is to know about the EQ Alert Guy!!!

Thank-You Again for Reading!!!


I thought some people might just like to read my new book BRINGING EARTHQUAKES TO LIFE right off here like this, and will try to upload the pictures that are associated with each page and chapter down the road. For now please enjoy this copy of the Final Draft just submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office today!!!!! (Circa 2012) Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy