Thursday, August 15, 2013


I have far too many earthquake stories to tell. I try to write this story or that story all out in longhand both as a contribution to whatever writing project I’m working on and always as an eternal note taking service to people of the future who I always know in the back of my mind are watching and listening to everything I say in my words.

I don’t think all my present day friends would mind at all if today I dedicated this book to all of you who are reading this far, far into the future in a world where we always know when and where every single Major Earthquake is going to strike. This book is dedicated to all the folks who just heard about the guy who, back around the Turn of the Century around the year 2000 discovered all of these fantastic correlations and figured out how to use them to track earthquake energy all around the world. I want to send a very special Thank-You! to the people reading this in the year 2160, 2210, and 2960 for celebrating my 100th, 150th, and 1000th Birthday’s as well as everybody else who helped me along the way to get to this point in time!

Special Thank-You to all of the guys from all of my apprenticeship classes who just luckily have a virtually perfect score whenever I announced an upcoming Major Earthquake! Without all of you guys as well as the Arrowhead Water guys, I do not know if I would have continued my work! It has been the ability to bring those stories with me through life that has got me to where I am today!
I will not have enough room in my introduction to Thank Everybody! I have far too many folks who’ve been kindly receiving my E-Mail “EQ Alerts” over the years to thank all of you personally! I must thank the two kind folks from San Francisco who took the time to write me and thank me when I accurately alerted them to an earthquake that was headed for them back in July of the year 2007. Thank-You is over due for all my followers on Twitter, too! It was all you folks that put me into gear and propelled me beyond just a small time earthquake writer and out into the light as well as anyone who has randomly stopped by to read my EQ Blog.
I also want to thank the one or two sponsors I have picked up along the way even though you all know I never really ask for no sponsors, I have still managed to pick up one or two along the way. Thank-You All!

I also need to thank all my friends at Scripps and UCSD in San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Richard Allen at UC Berkeley, John Parrish, Richard Eisner, Chuck DeMetz, Jeanne Hardebeck at USGS Menlo Park, Lucy Jones at USGS Pasadena, Seismo in Reno, @toxic/CAquake, Dave Stewart, Hugo Mercado and everyone at the Bank of America in McHenry and Fox Lake, Illinois, Jonathan Edwards and all the Folks at, Lori Wexler and all my friends in Hollywood, Central Casting, Lissette, Allen, and all the Studios, Paul Cook, Mark Ridge, Joni, Darlene, Loren, Traci, and everybody in Chicago Film Production, and my mother. Each of these folks played a different part in advancing forward my work with earthquakes through the years.
With all of the help of all of you as well as probably many I didn’t list, with the help of each and every one of you, we will now go forward into the future of Bringing Earthquakes To Life!!!