Thursday, August 15, 2013


I’ve been adding more and more followers, friends and fans in recent years and my last book written exclusively about my work with earthquakes, circa 2009, does not say everything I thought I might want to say. As my fan base and numbers have increased I thought more about a book that not only covers all the work I’ve done over the years with earthquakes, but one that includes more stuff about me personally and my life, than all of the other books I have written up to this point.

I decided to write a book that was a combination of the memoirs I wrote a couple of years or so ago, and a lot of stuff about me although only loosely based on either my autobiography, or Life Story of The EQ Guy, both completed but neither published anyways. I also decided right from the start that this book would not be a cut and pasted version of either of those books due to wanting to stay very current and wanting my voice to be consistent in a way that a cut and pasted story would never do. I also knew it would be far too much work building up to a paragraph or two that I was about to cut and paste which contained something about Hurricane Katrina. Also a great deal more difficult than just telling you the story from memory, checking the date of landfall and moving on. Just writing out what I know about that whole windstorm from memory makes for a whole lot of fresh material as historians may someday notice when they figure out my story doesn’t exactly match from one book to another.
Likewise you might still be able to read one book and still get something out of the other this way, and not a carbon copy of any of the stories! That would be up to the point where my story telling could or just might become redundant, in which case there still might be something different in there somewhere anyways, due to the two stories having been written at two very different times and places.

Here now are the combined stories of my life, my work with earthquakes, and how to track earthquakes, all written together rather nicely into this one very nice volume that I decided to call Bringing Earthquakes To Life.
Names were yet another problem from the start. This book does not try to be a memoir. It is not much of a life story since it leaves out a lot of my childhood, and Middle, and High School, and it sums up a lot of my work experience by referring to “Flipping Burgers.” While there may be a lot of earthquake stuff in it, there is no chapter covering one specific earthquake such as there are in my “Earthquake Memoirs.” Finally I do not go into much detail about tracking earthquake energy, I sort of just save most of that for the “How To” chapter and waste no time explaining how it’s done at that point.

I spent a lot of time coming up with a special title that tries to tell you exactly what this brand new book is all about. This book does not have any particular focus like my other three books and others I‘ve written, it is more the story of The EQ Alert Guy, who he is, some of his best earthquake stories, and how he does what he does which I thought might best be described exactly as it is in the title, or working title of this book. Herein I think you will all find that I am most definitely Bringing Earthquakes To Life!!!